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Roger J Bigg

Born near Canterbury in Kent and has been based in Devon for over 20 years. Studied at Rochester College of Arts, Folkestone School of Arts and Canterbury College of Art and Design. 

In Canterbury, Roger specialized in Graphic Design achieving the National Diploma of Design. Whilst there, Roger continued to paint and successfully exhibited in the Royal Academy of Arts and the Federation of British Artists. On leaving College, he freelanced combining his skills as Designer, Illustrator and Painter. His early poster work and record sleeve have recently been sold at auction. Roger went on to be Creative Director, Regional Creative Director and Executive Creative Director for Worldwide International Advertising Agencies such as Publicis Group, McCann-Erickson, and WPP. His works on a number of occasions were selected for the London International Advertising Awards. Through his work Roger has extensively traveled and worked in different parts of the world. He has now returned to his art and resides in Chudleigh, Devon, UK.


Chris Bennett

An emerging artist and creative colorist with familial roots in New York is embarking on a fast rising career in Los Angeles as his paintings and murals are catching the ever-roving and discerning eye of the CA art community. When viewing a Chris Bennett painting, you will notice how his imagination is always apparent and integrated into his work, making it all the more interesting and desirable.

This highly talented, innovative artist premiered his contemporary new works at the prestigious, juried Beverly Hills Art Show, in the Spring of 2014. Throughout this weekend venue, he received accolades as a first year attraction showcasing his amazing, vivid use of pure color acrylic paints proudly presented in his varied works on canvas, metal and wood. 

Chris’ background materials are often innovative. For example, the colors and subject matter visually displayed are integrated into the background material creating the rich appeal of his paintings. If a painting of his becomes your own, no matter what the subject, it will be Chris’ “take” and you will be engaged by his impeccable attention to brilliance of color. His special perspective and point of view will captivate you and capture your attention.


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Shayne Manfredi

Shayne Manfredi is a talented new artist proudly being displayed in the Santa Monica area. People ask him why he paints or what was the meaning behind his art. Rather forthright, he says that he paints what he likes. He has always had an attraction for carnivals and fairs, so the Santa Monica Pier is an easy extension with a wonderful history and architecture. Shayne received his degree of Visual Communication from the Colorado Institute of the Arts in Denver. He currently plays with many media, acrylic on canvas, screen printing on fabrics, and graphic design. 


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Doug Bloodworth

Doug Bloodworth's artistic perspective is influenced by a childhood affection for American western classics and the quintessential youth of the American dream. A combination of Pop Art, photography and textural paint strokes, his work was born from inspirations that began when he was a boy, and have grown into the refined craft of photorealism.

In 1974, Doug earned a degree in Commercial Arts and went on during the early stages of his career to work in several genres of the art world. From painting caricatures to billboards, Doug's pursuits steered him towards the mastery of fine art techniques and a working mentorship with Marv Gunderson, the exclusive artist for the Marlboro brand. Painting iconic works on billboards all over the country was a highlight early on in his career and he still draws from the inspiration and lessons learned during the tour.

Doug has since been commissioned to paint two 30' x 200' murals at Tampa's Tropicana Field, a project which took six months to complete and inspired him to focus solely on painting fine art pieces. 

The influence of paper printed comics from eras past is still tangible in Doug Bloodworth's photorealism. Combined with decades of artistic technique and the personal connection offered by his custom works, Doug's collectability is rapidly growing. He is now recognized in the international art community as on of the premiere photorealist painters of this period. 

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Davide Piubeni

Davide Piubeni was born in Sarezzo, near the city of Brescia in Northern Italy. He graduated from the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Bera, Milan, in 1994. His artistic career had its beginnings in Brazil, where he produced very large biblical scenes for the church of Viseu, later for the cathedral of Braganca and San Vicent of Paul, in Belem du Para.

On his return to Italy in 1995, he had two solo shows, in Brescia and Milan, depicting biblical scenes from the Old Testament. As the result of very favorable reviews, several dioceses in major Italian cities commissioned him to create new works for their walls. He has since traveled to Spain, Miami, Australia and to Guatemala having great success portraying local landscapes and showing and commissioning works.

He has painted California from Mendocino to San Diego and has made his home in Southern California. Davide says "It's beautiful to catch with some fantasy the colors and the shadows early in the morning or at sunset, because at these particular times the contrast of the colors become strong and the shadows long. Then I transform the landscape with the feeling I want to incorporate in my artwork, for example painting big or tiny trees, plants, streets, houses, etc...changing the color of the sky and other spaces."


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 Vladamir Derkach  

 Has been reviewed and published in several publications and articles, and has participated in many group and solo exhibitions around the world.  
Vladamir has 7 years of Moscow Art Academy education,
25 years of plein air painting.
61 Art Shows in 16 years in USA, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia.

1987-1994, Moscow State Institute of Fine Arts named by V. Surikov

1992-1994, professor at Children Art School, Moscow,Russia
1994-1996 , director and professor at Art School of Historical Preserve "Stary Krym", Crimea

Born in Lubertsy, Moscow region , 1964, Russia
Raised in Stary Krym, Crimea
School years 1970-1981, Lubertsy, Moscow region, Russia
1981-1982, student in Oil and Gas industry Institute, Moscow,Russia
1982-1984, Russian army, private
1984-1995, art classes in A.E. Sukhinin Art Studio, Moscow, Russia
1987-1994, student, Moscow State Institute of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia
1990-1994, artist and journalist in local newspaper, Moscow, Russia
1993, one of the founders of Historical Preserve "Stary Krym", Crimea
1994-1996 , director and professor at Art School of Historical Preserve "Stary Krym", Crimea
1996 moved to California, resides in Santa Monica.






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 Richard Stergulz 

Artist Biography

Richard is an Illinois native who by the age of eight knew he wanted
to be an artist. He graduated from the American Academy of Art in
Chicago in 1983 which began his successful commercial art career.
After 12 years of working as a commercial artist, Richard felt it was
time to switch to fine art.

Richard moved to California in 1995 and started painting in a realistic style with a touch of Russian Impressionism. Richard admires the Russian Impressionists, especially Nickolai Fechin, for their intense brush strokes that exude passion into their paintings. he also admires Norman Rockwell for his superb drawing ability and volume of work he produced in his lifetime. Lastly Richard says he admires John Singer Sargent for his portrait work. Says Richard, " his portraits give a sense of reality yet still have a painterly style which I hope to aspire to."

Richard works in oils on masonite board. His work is mosly figurative and has started plein air painting as much as possible. He also teaches a portrait master class in addition to doing demos for most of the Art Associations in San Diego and Riverside counties.
Richard's work hangs in galleries throughout California and his paintings have won numerous awards from Best of Show to People's Choice.


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Yvonne Mora 
Artist Biography

Born in Lima, Peru, Yvonne Mora is an expressionist painter who, from an early age, admired Picasso, Cezanne, Sorolla, Van Gogh, and she recognizes their influences in her painting. The expressionism of Yvonne is characterized by pulsating energy, unmatched movement
and beautiful color. A graduate of the National School of Art in 1985, Yvonne has participated in many solo and collective exhibits throughout South america, North America and Japan.



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Paul Roberts 

Paul Roberts is a highly esteemed oil and mural artist born in 1953 in Esssex, England
His oils reflect an age old perfection of period and style that could convince any viewer
that Paul is one century older than his years.The virtuosity and skill of his mind's eye,
his vivid accuracy in mood, tone and color combine to bring a hauntingly reminiscent
realism to his paintings.


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